What Are Silky Terriers?

The Silky Terrier, known for its elegant appearance, boasts a luxurious, silky coat that requires regular grooming to maintain its charm. Originating from Australia, this small-sized breed is lively, alert, and affectionate, making it an ideal companion for families or individuals seeking a devoted and spirited pet. Despite its petite stature, the Silky Terrier possesses a courageous and confident demeanor, often displaying a keen sense of curiosity and intelligence.
Fun Family Friends

Silky Terriers make great loving companions: ours love cuddling on the couch and sleeping in the bed. They enjoy a leisurely stroll in the park, or a good roughhouse session. Small, smart and non-shedding; they make the perfect companions.

Snazzy Show Champions

We love SHOW DOGS!
Dog shows are the lifeblood of purebred dogs; helps keep us honest. We show our dogs in a variety of events to make sure they're fit for purpose. The Dogs of Lore can be found at local events across Ontario and Quebec.

Happy & Health-Tested

All our dogs have been professionally health tested before breeding. We make sure their eyes and knees are tested by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA). When applicable, we also DNA for the eye conditions: PLL and PRA.

Puppy Litter Plans

Sylvie - February 2024
Rizzo is taking a break and will be bred in the Summer.

For more information about our waiting list, please contact us!

Meet Our Silky Terriers

All our dogs are Canadian Kennel Club registered purebred dogs.
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Club Affiliations

We're members of the Canadian Kennel Club and the Maple Leaf Silky Terrier Club

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